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Pregnancy and Infant Loss 

People who experience a loss are at an increased risk of developing depression and anxiety in the years following. As miscarriages are common within the medical field, the impact that they can have on a pregnant individual, and their partner’s mental health is overlooked. It is essential to know that individuals who’ve experienced miscarriage are at an increased risk of developing depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other mental health complications. 

For those parents who’ve experienced the loss of an infant, the pain of the moment is unbearable. It can seem as if nothing makes sense anymore. Over 24,000 children are stillborn each year in the U.S. If this tragedy has affected your life, please call for support.

Trauma Specific Counseling 

Trauma and distressing situations can cause changes in your brain which can affect the way you feel about life. For some people, this may result in post-traumatic stress, also known as PTSD while for others, it can lead to increased anxiety, stress, or depression. 

Trauma specific therapies can support you in decreasing the intensity and frequency of the distress you might be experiencing. 

This type of counseling is helpful for those who have experienced significant losses, chronic trauma, or single incident distressing experiences.