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Perinatal Therapy for Ambitious Women of Color

Virtual therapy for residents of WA, CA, FL

You feel like you're not allowed to create the life you deeply want.

Even though you're surrounded by people, you feel a deep sense of emptiness and loneliness. You're ashamed of how you respond when your little one has a meltdown or your baby cries.


You won’t admit how often you feel worried, sad, numb, or anxious. You believe you’re ‘too sensitive’ and ‘not good enough at anything.’ On top of that, you feel like you can’t rely on anyone to support you in taking a break for yourself so you can be a better parent and pursue what you want to do. 


Whenever you try to make a change, you can’t seem to even get your shit together to get started. Either way, you have to sacrifice how you show up for your child or how you show up for yourself. There’s no way to win.


If you could create the ideal life for you and your family...

You’d wake up and feel light, confident, and spacious – connected to your purpose and trusting unapologetically in your inner voice. You’d know you’re being the best mother possible to keep your kid happy and healthy.

You’re surrounded by a supportive circle of friends and family. Your partner supports you in taking care of yourself beyond being a parent, but as an adult, too.

Through our work together, I can help you get unstuck, honor your needs, and create a life you deeply want. 

Services to Support Parents and Providers


I help new parents normalize the early struggles, trust themselves as new parents, and offer compassionate guidance for bumps along the way.

Pregnant Parents

I help pregnant parents prepare for the big transition, explore worries around labor & delivery, and gain skills to advocate for themselves and their baby.

It's Time to Reclaim Yourself


Increase self-love and confidence, connect with your inner strength, sharpen your intuition, and connect with your life’s purpose. 


Become more attuned to your child’s developmental needs, not lose your temper as much, and increase joy, fun, and pleasure with your family.  


Become an expert in your craft, reconnect with your culture of origin, and create the mental space to deepen your knowledge or rest.

Mother and daughter have fun together



Move your body in a way that feels good, nurture your body with foods you enjoy, and become a loving caregiver to yourself.


Confidently start a business, meet your financial goals (retirement, travel, pay off debt), and pursue the dreams that fuel your passion besides parenthood

Hi, I'm Meyleen Velasquez


I help ambitious women of color honor their needs and create the lives they want for themselves and their children.

As a specialist in perinatal and infant mental health, I can support you through the transition to caregiverhood and all the complications that come along with it. I understand the societal and life pressures that constantly tell you that you're not good enough, no matter how hard you work.

Since entering the field in 2006, I’ve spoken nationally and internationally on perinatal and early childhood health needs through an anti-racist lens. I became a therapist in 2012 because I love the freedom we can co-create for you as we honor your stories, desires, and needs.

Create the life you want without losing yourself

Let's partner together to help you navigate the joyful and challenging milestones of pregnancy, parenthood, and beyond. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where are you located?
    I am an online provider and see clients via telehealth using Zoom. I am available to serve people in Washington State, California, and Florida. I live in Seattle, and I am a former Miamian.
  • How do I schedule an appointment?
    Please complete the application to the consultation. This is a starting point for deciding if we will make a cohesive team. The application will also give you a sense of my style and the type of work we will be doing.
  • Do you accept insurance? What are your fees?
    I do not work with any insurances $250 per 50-minute session $375 per 90-minute session
  • Can you share your cancelation policy?
    If you cannot attend a scheduled session, please get in touch with me at least 48 hours in advance. I will offer you options to reschedule during that week. Otherwise, you are responsible for the total rate of the session.
  • How long will I need to be in counseling for?
    The short answer is it depends. In therapy, we are working on concerns that you might have carried with you for the past 20+ years. There might be deep wounds from childhood, hurtful relationships, and other sufferings that we experience throughout life. Each experience touches us differently, and it may take time for different parts of you to let us know that they are ready for healing. Communication and collaboration are deeply important in our work. Our relationship is the foundation for ensuring we are on the right track and that the time we spend is valuable to you.
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