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Counseling for women in Washington, Florida, & California


You’ve probably tried to feel better on your own and might have exhausted all your other usual “feel good” avenues. You might feel stressed, overwhelmed, and like you are failing at everything you do, whether in life, career, parenting, or relationships. You might struggle to believe you can feel different than this moment.  


When grief, sadness, and anxiety hit, we might be tempted to put our best face forward and expect daily frustrations not to get in the way. We might be used to falling, dusting off, and continuing to move forward. This pattern might have helped you survive in the past. Some of us might be good at keeping things under control or rather pretending to others that we are fine while drowning inside. And some of us might freeze as we feel like everything is constantly falling apart with no end in sight. This moment, this loneliness, this guilt, and shame might not make sense. Your loved ones might not understand how to support you or what you are going through.

You are tired of pretending and want to move away from the pain and believe you can heal. You are looking for a space to connect with self-protection, awareness, and clarity and to breathe without self-doubt at every corner. If this sounds like you, let's schedule a consult. 

“You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated.”

Maya Angelou


All services are provided online via private video or phone conferencing to support your busy lifestyle.


Support focused on distress related to pregnancy, birth trauma, and the transition to parenthood

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Therapy for individuals experiencing eating disorders & disordered eating

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Counseling for caregivers, infants, and young children focused on strengthening relationships and other emotional & behavioral concerns


Clinical supervision, consultation, and trainings

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