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I love helping people connect with their inner strengths and develop the tools they need to cope with life’s challenges. My clients are ready to invest their time and money in psychotherapy to heal, shine their light, and create the kind of life they want.

Deciding to speak with a therapist can feel scary. You might wonder, is this right for me? Maybe what happened to me or the way I feel isn't so bad? Am I being overly dramatic? 

If you are wondering this, I get it. It was hard for me to make that first contact with my therapist for an appointment. Self-doubt can get in the way of everything. Yet, you deserve to thrive, and I hope you will give yourself the opportunity, whether with another provider or me.

If you haven't already, you can review my specialties here to get familiarized with my services and see if I may be the right fit for you. The first step before deciding to work together is to schedule a 20-minute consultation which gives us a sense of whether therapy might be right for you and whether we might work well together. 

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I look forward to supporting you along your journey. You matter, your life matters, & your story matters.

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