Did you know that 1 in 5 women experience depression and anxiety during pregnancy and even up to two years after the baby is born? For women of color, the rates are 1 in 3!

Overwhelming sadness, feeling spaced out, worrying constantly, crying uncontrollably, and not feeling like yourself are the most common complications of pregnancy and childbirth.

As common as it is, these complications are rarely talked about and many women and families suffer in silence and are shocked when their symptoms first start. You might have found yourself trying to “get over it,” “move on,” and “just feel better” to no avail. This can be a very lonely and isolating experience for you and others who go through it. However, help is available.

I empower women to feel like themselves again by helping them to identify, manage, and recover from depression, anxiety, and other mental health complications during the pregnancy and postpartum period. 

I do this work because I am passionate about giving a voice to the silent suffering that women and mothers experience on a regular basis. The expectations to be happy, glowing, and smiling weigh heavily on all parents- especially those who are struggling with depression. 

All my services are provided via online video counseling to help provide flexibility around your busy life. All you will need is a reliable internet connection and a private space where you can talk without interruptions.

About Hummingbird Counseling:

I chose to name the practice Hummingbird Counseling in honor of the special meaning that hummingbirds have. During a difficult time in my life, I met a very special mentor who introduced me to “medicine cards.” These cards are used as a form of guidance and inspiration based on Native American beliefs. In my card spread, the item that was missing in my life was represented through the hummingbird. These very special birds represent joy, happiness, and beauty. By watching the hummingbird we are reminded to actively seek the good in life and the beauty in every moment. This is a lesson that I hold close to my heart.

How I practice:

I work with clients from a place of compassion and non-judgment informed by how diverse the human experience can be. Although treatment is tailored to meet your needs, some tools I use are:

Cognitive therapy- understanding the relationship between your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Mindfulness and self-compassion- based on the idea of talking and thinking about ourselves in the way we would someone we care about it. 

Psychodynamic therapy- centers on patterns of thinking and feeling that we develop from experiences throughout life but especially childhood. 

I am:

An LGBTQ+ affirming therapist

A health at every size practitioner

An anti-oppressive & anti-racist practitioner

and a kink positive therapist

As a Latina and person of color, we will create a space to explore any issues of biases, prejudice, privilege, and racism that apply to your life journey. After all, how we experience the world will inevitably affect our mental health and wellbeing.

Somethings you should know about me: my pronouns are she/her, I curse, I believe Black Lives Matter, and I think authenticity is important to create good relationships and wholesome lives.

Educational and professional info:

I have been working in the field of mental health since 2006 and providing psychotherapy since 2009. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and graduated from FIU with a Master's in Social Work. I have worked at an array of different organizations including a shelter for women and children, providing in-home therapy services, and working with parents and very young children impacted by trauma. I completed my infant mental health training at the Institute of Child and Family Health and was trained in dyadic, child-parent therapy through the University of Miami’s Linda Ray’s Intervention Center. After working with parents and children, I became passionate about the specific needs of women and very young children. Thus, I obtained specialized training in perinatal mood disorders and maternal mental health through Postpartum Support International’s training programs. I am certified in Perinatal Mental Health.

I am skilled in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), psychodynamic psychotherapy, interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), play therapy, and trauma-specific therapies such as EMDR and Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR). We will tailor your counseling depending on your specific needs. Currently, CBT and IPT are recognized as a highly validated treatment for perinatal mood disorders.

I sit on the Board of the Washington Association for Infant Mental Health. I served as the Chair for the Florida Chapter of Postpartum Support International, on the committee for the Broward Chapter of the Florida Infant Mental Health Association, and as the past President of the Florida Association for Play Therapy. I am a member of the National Association for Perinatal Social Workers, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, and the International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals. If you are looking for further resources these are great organizations to follow and support.

I am a doctorate student in a social work program focusing my research on anti-oppressive and anti-racist practices in mental health. 

You are not alone, you are not to blame and with help, you will get well.


"ponte las pilas"

All Latina moms ever