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Clinical Consultation

Are you wanting to build or freshen up your clinical skills? Wanting more support? Feeling stuck? Working with a situation or population that you are not very familiar with? Let’s partner.

Being a therapist is a journey

Having someone we can consult with is a critical part of psychotherapeutic practice. It keeps us fresh, helps us to see different angles of the work, and buffers us against burnout and compassion fatigue. This work we do is not for the faint-hearted. It is tough, often heart-breaking, and rewarding beyond compare. It requires constant self-analysis as we hold the story and feelings of the people we support. 


Finding the right support can be challenging. If you want to connect with someone with a strong relational approach, I might be the right person.


My consultation style is developmental and psychotherapeutic. A developmental approach helps us to attune consultations to meet your specific needs, whether you are new to the field or a clinician with 10+ years of experience. It can help us target conversations and ensure our relationship aligns with you and what you hope to obtain from our work. A psychotherapeutic frame brings the parallel process into our work. We explore the feelings and thoughts you experience as you serve clients. It relies on reflection and exploration of the transference and countertransference in your clinical work. We might practice skills together and deeply explore different strategies and conversations with the people you serve. 

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A little about my approach

My approach is holistic and leans on connecting with inner wisdom. I believe in applying theoretical framework and interventions through an anti-oppressive where we focus on the specific needs of the individual(s). For example, we will explore intersectional identities for all parties involved and ways to ensure that the tools/interventions/practices support rather than further marginalize clients. Critical reflection is a key part of how I work and support therapists. 

I might be the right consultant for you if you are

  • Looking to deepen your anti-racist and anti-oppressive clinical practices 

  • Desiring to work with a provider who uses humor, curses, and shows up as her authentic self

  • Open to reflecting on your feelings and countertransference

  • Wanting to integrate a depth & dynamic approach to counseling

  • Working or wanting to serve pre-natal, pregnant, or postpartum populations

  • Serving individuals with a history of complex trauma

  • A child therapist looking to explore and implement therapeutic play skills like storytelling, parent-child relational work, and sandtray

  • An aspiring play therapist seeking to work with an RPT-S™ specializing in working with young children

  • A pre-licensed clinician in Washington State looking for a social worker supervisor

Here are some other questions that can support your decision 


Are your services online or in-person?

I am a fully online provider.


How do I prepare for consultation/supervision?

People get the most out of our time when they bring up a case or situation they want to discuss. Preparing by having a specific client or issue in mind can help you get the most out of your investment with me. Sometimes you might have something in mind but not a specific direction; this is where I can help guide the process by asking exploratory questions and helping us deepen our understanding of how to best support you and the client. 


How do you structure the sessions?

All sessions parallel counseling and are held at the 50-minute clinical hour. We begin with a moment of attunement which can be a general check-in on well-being, listening to a song or poem, dancing, a guided meditation, or a moment of silence. We set a loose agenda and focus on what you need for the time. At wrap-up, we reflect on the time together and your next steps. 


How often will we meet for a consultation?

This answer depends on what you need. Some individuals benefit from weekly while others might need monthly support. I meet with most consultees twice per month as this allows time to implement skills, reflect, and bring up items for discussion. I am open to discussing your needs and the frequency that makes sense for you. 


What is your rate?

I charge $200 per consultation.


Do you work with associate providers?

I am a Washington State-approved supervisor and work with clinicians seeking to meet the requirements for LICSW credentialing. 


I see you are licensed in other states. Can I receive supervision from you if I am outside of Washington?

We can work together if you are a licensed clinician seeking consultation. For pre-licensed clinicians, I am only providing supervision for Washington State associates. 


Do you review recorded video sessions?

Video recordings are not necessary for our work. However, once we begin working together, you can submit a video/audio if you and the client agree to record a session and bring it to supervision/consultation for review. If you seek to become a play therapist (RPT™) through APT, you must submit videos as part of the credentialing requirements.

If you would like to explore a consultation to see if we are a good fit or want to learn more about my practice, contact me at or fill out the form on the contact page. I try to respond to all requests within 48 hours. 

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