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Resources for Therapists

These days I am spending my time working on a book project due August 2023. I've slowed down on leading training as I focus all my energy on meeting my deadline.

If you are looking to connect, I am available for consultation. You are also welcome to shoot me an email to just say hi :). Wish me luck! 


Here are some of the publications I've contributed on Baldwin, K., Velasquez, M., Courtney, J. (2019). FirstPlay® Therapy Strengthens the Attachment Relationship Between a Mother with Perinatal Depression and Her Infant. In J. A. Courtney (Ed), Infant Play Therapy (pp. 83-100). Routledge. Purchase your copy here: Courtney, J.A., Velasquez, M., Bakai Toth, V. (2017). FirstPlay® Infant Massage Storytelling Facilitating Corrective Experiences with a Teenage Mother and Her Abused Infant. In J. A. Courtney & R. D. Nolan (Eds), Touch in Child Counseling and Play Therapy: An Ethical and Clinical Guide (pp. 48-62). Routledge. Purchase your copy here: Velasquez, M. (2022). Let’s Go Outside: Nature-Based Play Therapy Through the Lens of Cultural Humility. In J. A Courtney, J. Langley, L. Wonders, R. LaPiere, & R. Heiko (Eds), Nature-Based Play and Expressive Interventions for Working with Children, Teens and Families. Routledge. Purchase your copy here: Velasquez, M. Anti-Blackness in Latinx Communities: Striving to Become Anti-Racist. In C. Smalls & M. Fuller (Eds), Antiblackness, White Privilege and Authentic Allyship. Manuscript submitted for publication. Velasquez, M. Psychotherapy with Caregivers, Infants, and Young Children: A Relational and Anti-Oppressive Guide for Clinicians. Manuscript in preparation. to anything, or set your text box to expand on click. Write your text here...

If you are interested in having me train or speak at your event or organization, please complete the interest form

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