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Anti-Racist Consultation for Leaders

You are looking to grow and change from a place of heart-connectedness. Bringing your heart into this journey is vital, as this is where change happens. You find yourself doing the work and still needing to dive deeper into reflection and action. You want to serve clients, employees, supervisees, colleagues, and the community.


The lifelong Journey

Striving to become anti-racist means engaging in a lifelong journey of introspection, relational learning, and action. It requires us to look at our actions and intent. It also requires accepting our mistakes and recognizing that we must do better.


What is your why for dismantling oppression? 

Apply for a 90-minute consultation

You want to live a life of compassion that advances justice and dismantles oppression. You recognize that the work starts with your biases, beliefs, values, and experiences. It might be difficult to navigate relationships with systems that want to support communities but must take action toward liberation. You want to know how to address difficult conversations when others seem uncomfortable. 


Colonization and white supremacy are everywhere we turn. These systems impact everything we interact with, how we lead, and our relationships with others. Their legacy is ever present in our thoughts and how we perceive the world. They have insidious patterns that are difficult to see and sometimes difficult to put into words. Perhaps you’ve had the experience of someone telling you of harm you caused by something you said, did, or did not address. Maybe you noticed shame rising and were unaware of the issue until someone else brought it up. When called in or out, our minds can go into flight, fight, or freeze mode, preventing us from reflecting on the moment. 


An anti-racist consultation can allow you to explore concerns preventing you from taking the next step. In our time, we will create space for reflection to help you gain clarity and develop a thoughtful and intentional plan for your next steps. Recurrent consultations support you in maintaining accountability for your commitment and helping to recognize what may come up for you as you implement new strategies and reflective practices.

Lean deeper into the path of reflection, learning, and action


You can learn to recognize implicit biases and become curious about your inner world to prevent a harmful reaction. You can increase your awareness of harmful patterns in individual and group interactions. You can use your voice to speak truth and authenticity. You can move from ally to co-conspirator and build genuine relationships with others. You can acknowledge privilege and collaborate with others against all discrimination. You can recognize and challenge societal discourses that impact how we show up, like the need to be polite and comfortable -which often translates to quieting the voices that need to be heard and colluding with oppression. 


You can create a different way of being with others. You can partner, collaborate, and honor people’s lived expertise. You can positively impact the culture at your home and work. 


I know this is possible because this is the path I am on. I am on a continuous journey to embody liberation and justice. I am always learning and seeking to build community. I make mistakes. I am human and dedicated to using the sh*t out of my privilege. 


I might be the right anti-racist consultant for you if

  • You want to lean into this journey from a sense of sacredness and heart-connection

  • You are already on the path toward anti-racism and anti-oppression

  • You recognize that we all have the capacity to create harm 

  • You are ready to get into deep reflection on your history, biases, values, and ways of being that may contribute to harm

  • You recognize privilege is real, and you are committed to using yours for the benefit of all beings

  • You want relational reflection that helps you recognize how white supremacy may show up in your life, mind, and actions

  • You are a leader in your industry and want to foster an environment of belonging, diversity, justice, and liberation 

  • You know that the journey toward anti-racism is internal. It is not about empowering others. It is about looking inside at the parts of ourselves we may not like

  • You want to embody social justice and recognize that we must strive to be anti-racist in all areas of our lives


I might not be the right consultant for you if

  • You want someone to give you specific steps that will help you repair a situation without engaging in reflection and authentic change

  •  You believe that we are all capable of success in life if we work hard enough and “pull ourselves by our bootstrap”

  • You do not want to get into deep reflection or share uncomfortable feelings and beliefs 

  • You want to work with a conservative provider

  • You do not want to be called in when a harmful belief or action takes place

  • You explicitly have values that align with racist, classist, sexist, able-ist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, and other forms of oppressive systems and do not want to reflect on their harm

Consultation includes

  • 90-minute reflection and action session with Meyleen

  • Clarity on biases that might be impacting the issues at hand

  • Steps you can take to address the issue from a heart-centered, liberatory approach

  • Understanding the way white supremacy culture might be impacting your life and decisions

  • Reflective questions to continue your commitment to cultural humility


The Investment

Investment Option 1

Pay in full


Investment Option 2

Payment plan

Initial payment of $500

& two monthly payments of $450


Here’s a bit about my journey


I’ve experienced xenophobia, racism, classism, anti-immigration sentiment, fatphobia, and the often casual micro-aggression, “Where are you from?” I also grew up with internalized oppression, colorism, homophobia, and harmful beliefs about other marginalized identities. We can’t help what we are indoctrinated into at a young age. At the same time, we have a sacred responsibility to recognize how colonization impacted our upbringing and world views.   


I’ve had two main catalysts for change in my life. The first was connecting with an anti-racism coach and diving deep into how racism impacted my life, how I perceived others, and how others perceived me. I am probably biased since I am mental health practitioner, but I think there is no substitute for 1:1 work with an individual that welcomes all parts of you. My coach helped me see how I oppress, benefit from oppression, and how I’ve been oppressed. I am constantly working to honor my truth. 


The second was moving into leadership roles. This move put me face-to-face with my insecurities and fears. I had to learn to speak up and call people in when harm was present. To move past the part of me that fears being labeled as the troublemaker or the problematic woman and lose what I’ve worked for. To take feedback even when it's painful, and I am actively working to dismantle oppression. Leadership is a gift and a responsibility. It requires continuing to dare greatly for the benefit of all, even in the face of holding multiple marginalized identities. Leadership involves the embodiment of the characteristics we hope to see in our communities and the people we serve: critical self-reflection, collaboration, connected relationships, compassion, and a willingness to lean into vulnerability. 


This work is complex and messy. It requires continuously looking deep within yourself and leaning into humility and curiosity. I hope you lean into your journey

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