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Reflective supervision/

Are you looking for a space to lean into yourself? Working with caregivers and young children requires our full self. Are you looking to fill your cup?

Exploring how you are and what you do

Reflective supervision/consultation (RS/C) is a practice that deepens our capacity to be with others. It is a space for reflecting on the deep emotional material that comes up as we are working with individuals, young children, and families. 


RS/C puts a strong emphasis on the parallel process. It is a relational way of consulting that focuses on the dynamics between all the relationships involved. For example, the consultant-consultee, the consultee-client, and the client-child. We explore how each relationship impacts each other and how we can create change within each relationship. 


Reflective skills help us to slow down, listen, and think before moving into action, strategy, and skill-building. They are the catalyst for deep and intentional work that touches the core of the human experience.

I think about RS/C as seeing and being seen. I hold space for you, your emotional world, experience, and welcome all parts of you. As you come into a reflective relationship, you experience being held emotionally, which then supports your capacity to hold the clients you support.

A true experience of nurturance and safety can only happen in the context of developing trust and having culturally attuned care. As a provider striving to be anti-racist and anti-oppressive, my work is partnering with you to understand how structural racism and other forms of oppression harm you and the people you serve.

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My lived experience as a Latina immigrant, WOC with vitiligo, and formerly undocumented individual helps to inform my work. When we hold marginalized identities, we honor that our experiences are different and that there is a shared thread.

Diversity Informed Tenets for Work with Infants, Children and Families

We reflect on the Tenets as a foundation for how we practice and how we are with others. The Tenets are a set of strategies that help providers and organizations serve communities with a diversity-informed lens. They are a ground-breaking tool in supporting babies, young children, and families. To learn more about the Tenets or obtain a training from the Irvin Harris Foundation, visit their website. 

Oppression, white supremacy, structural racism, and colonization impact all of us. These realities create constant barriers for us and the communities we serve. As we engage in reflective practice, we must hold a strong anti-racist lens. 

If you are a Black or Brown individual looking for an RS/C consultant, we explore the weight of white supremacy and dominant narratives on our work and the families we support. 


If you are not a person of color, we explore the impact of white supremacy and dominant narratives on the families we support. 


I might be the right RS/C provider if you are looking to:

  • Looking to deepen your anti-racist and anti-oppressive clinical practices 

  • Desiring to work with a provider who uses humor, curses, and shows up as her authentic self

  • Deepen your reflection

  • Serve babies, young children, and families in a deep relational framework

  • Honor the sacredness of our work with the community

  • Wanting to deepen your application and understanding of the Tenets

  • Recognize the parallel process

  • Support the client’s reflective capacity

  • Increase awareness of how you are in your work

Here are some other questions that can support your decision 


How is RS/C different than clinical consultation?

RS/C is distinct from clinical consultation in that we are not focused on reviewing your casework, diagnoses, interventions, clinical process, or learning specific skills. Rather, one of the biggest distinctions is the focus on reflection on emotions and thoughts that come up for us as we serve families.


Are you an endorsed provider?

Yes. I hold an IMH-E® endorsement as an Infant Mental Health Mentor-Clinical. 


How do I prepare for consultation/supervision?

People get the most out of our time when they bring up a case or situation they want to discuss. RS/C entails listening, reflecting, and slowing down.  


Are your services online or in-person?

I am a fully online provider.


How do you structure the sessions?

All individual sessions parallel counseling and are held at the 50-minute clinical hour. Group sessions with a minimum of three participants are 90 minutes.


I hold the space with a FAN (Facilitating Attuned Interactions) informed lens where the emphasis is reflection and being attuned to what you need as a provider. Please see the Guidelines for Best Practices to learn more.


How often will we meet for a consultation?

This answer depends on what you need. We can structure meeting weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly depending on your needs. We want RS/C to be consistent and collaborative so that we can build on the relationship to deepen your work.


What is your rate?

$200 per individual consultation

$100 per group consultation 


I am available for groups and for supporting organizations. If you are a non-profit looking for RS/C, please contact me to discuss your budget and needs. 


I see you are licensed in other states. Can I receive RS/C from you if I am outside of Washington?


If you would like to explore a consultation to see if we are a good fit or want to learn more about my practice, contact me at or fill out the form on the contact page. I try to respond to all requests within 48 hours. 

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