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Children & Divorce: Playful tools to support child & family clients

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

When a family separates or divorces, everyone is affected, even when it is in the best interest of the adults involved. Children can benefit from having a safe space to explore difficult emotions and to develop ways to connect with their caregivers. In this video, I discuss three tools that therapists can use to support children through divorce. I also include an idea for family sessions as the health of the family is integral to the child's wellbeing.

In this video:

Practicing within the limits of our training

Introducing interventions to children

All my homes techniques

Broken heart technique

Toys to represent family

Processing the interventions

Engaging families


Lynn Louise Wonders

Her book: When Parents are at War

Sabra Ferreira-Starnes Webinar:

Children Dealing with Divorce and Separation

**Please note that the information shared in this video is not a substitute for professional training or supervision**

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