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Counseling with young children ages 0-5: Infant Mental Health

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

I have three loves when it comes to the field of mental health: play therapy, infant mental health, and perinatal mental health. For me, there is a clear bridge between the three areas as one cannot happen without the other. However, generally across the fields, there is a lack of bridging and cross-training among providers. My hope is that the more awareness we bring to this need, the more training, and support that will be available for clinicians. In this video, I share some tools for therapists looking to learn or increase their awareness of working with this exceptional population.

In this video:

Infant mental health

Parental mental health

Training & supervision

Manual & book recommendations

Sessions with parents & children

Further training:

**Please note that the information shared in this video is not a substitute for professional training or supervision** To learn more about my practice:

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