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Therapists and personal trauma: Some lessons in self-care

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

It has now been a couple of months since I recorded this video. I've been sitting on it, in part, because I was unsure about my level of comfort sharing my experience with others. However, the more I reflected on it, the more I connected with our collective experience of humanness. If I am feeling this way, others must have similar experiences. It is my hope that my story helps to support your personal journey.

I purposely did not share the specific events of the incident to prevent my re-triggering and to prevent activating the trauma of those who might be listening.

In this video:

When a therapist experiences a trauma

Feedback on self-care

Connecting with others

Doing your own work

**Please note that the information shared in this video is not a substitute for professional training or supervision NOR for obtaining  mental health or psychiatric care** To learn more about my practice:

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